Ana Salvador



Architect. Specializes in Architecture, Urban and Interior Design

“Projects must be able to manifest the truth, through their materials, qualities of functions and form, unity of space and volume. Every project has its challenges and its own conditions, making it unique.”

Born in Quito in 1975, Ana Gabriela travelled to Vienna for her school studies during 1984-1991. She started her architectural studies in the Catholic University of Ecuador, graduating with the first generation of architects from that university in the year 2000. During those years she carried on her architectural practices with former professors and architectural mentors, Milton Barragán, Alfredo Rivadeneira and Henry Carrión. She travelled to Pamplona Spain, for her Master Studies in Architectural Design, where she worked with her former professor Patxi Mangado for two years. She returned to her homeland in 2004 to continue her design experience as an architect and started teaching at the San Francisco University in Quito. She has developed several projects within different architectural studios until the present, including residential land units, residential buildings, office buildings, small commercial areas, hotels, a school, a museum and private houses. In 2010, she was awarded first prize, together with two colleagues, for the New Parliament Complex in Quito, an architectural and urban project which is currently under construction.

She has been invited by the Housing and Territory commission of the Municipality of Quito to participate as member of the jury for the “Premio Ornato”, Architectural Award of Quito 2015. Participated as Secretary of the Jury in the XIX Pan-American Architecture Biennial Quito 2014. Has been second principal member of the Tribunal of Honour in the Architects Association of Ecuador 2009-2010 and was Cultural Coordinator and curator of three architectural exhibitions at the XVI Pan-American Architecture Biennial Quito 2008.

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